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Panama Specialty Coffee

Select coffee beans from highly distinguished Panama estates. Purchase your order from the most exclusive farms in the region, all of which have remained in the top 10 ranked positions at the world-renown “Best of Panama” annual auction.


Best of Panama 2020

Award-winning coffee estates


Unique Micro-lots and Special blends from the

farms’ Master Roasters

Coffee from multi-generation coffee farms of long tradition

Caturra & Typica

Catuai & Typica




Geisha Blend


Floral aromas of Jazmin and lavender; hints of lemon verbena along with a clean and fragrant aftertaste

Coffee blossom aroma, tropical citrus with a silky elongated juicy finish

A delicately herbal essence, a buttery succulent body leaving you with a harmonious balance 

Exotic azahar scent, a refined form of citrus tang  with leveling lasting flavor

Juicy filled citrus, savoring stone fruits and finishing with fine dark chocolate

Harmony of walnut, peanut, butter and plum flavors with moderate citrus ending

A bittersweet flavor of chocolate, nuts and mild berry notes offering a delicate profile


Key Features

Coffee Bean Varieties


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