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How did “Panamanian Gold” make its way up the Silk Road

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

After decades of hard work and Industry development, Panama holds the world record for the most expensive pound of coffee sold in an auction. Likewise, It is an origin of choice for many champion baristas and brewers, despite the fact that it is comparatively new to the world of Specialty Coffee.

Panamanian Coffee didn’t get its reputation by chance. Just one year after the Specialty Coffee Association of Panama (SCAP) was created back in 1997, the Best of Panama (BOP) competition was born. In 2001, BOP held its first international online auction, which saw buyers from all over the World bid for Panamanian coffees. These auctions gave Panamanian coffee (and therefore Panama as an origin) greater exposure. Increased industry development, exposure to international markets, and higher Panamanian coffee growers expertise help elevate the quality of local coffee, quickly moving from commodity to Specialty Coffee by intentionally replanting their estates. The new coffee was planted on their farms with a renewed focus on quality, rather than high yield. In addition, these producers also learned to cup and taste coffee, and in turn, became more selective about the varieties they planted. Thanks to this collective effort, Panama first received accolades for its Geisha coffee.

Now, the coffee industry has continued to grow exponentially year after year earning global respect for the quality, flavor and aroma Panamanian Arabica has rightfully earned. Today in Asia, World Treasures is offering Panamanian specialty coffee from world renowned estates; including two of 2020 Best of Panama winners!! Don't worry, with just a click, you can enjoy the privilege of indulging with one of World Treasures Specialty Coffees!

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