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Key Differences between Coffee Beans and Grounded Coffee

When it comes to coffee, some people prefer to buy beans while others go for ground coffee. For people who aren’t coffee enthusiasts, both of these things may be interchangeable and may not offer any difference. You might think one is in its original bean form and the other is just a step ahead of the bean and is available in grounded form. Again, if a person isn’t a coffee lover then they will definitely think that there is only a change of form and nothing else.

In reality, there is a lot of different between ground coffee and beans. It isn’t just about the different forms but the quality and experience that they bring with themselves. Let’s take a look at each of the coffee types individually.

Buying Beans


  • There is a greater variety of beans to choose from. This means that you can find the perfect flavor for your palette.

  • You get to roast the beans yourself, which allows you to control the level of roasting and create a unique flavor profile.

  • Beans are fresher than pre-ground coffee.

  • You get to enjoy the fresh aroma and flavor


  • Requires more time and effort to prepare.

  • Can be more expensive than pre-ground coffee.

Grounded Coffee


  • Easier and faster to prepare. No need to roast the beans yourself.

  • Easily available

  • Cheaper than Buying beans


  • Stale coffee flavor. This is because ground coffee starts to lose its flavor after two weeks of being ground.

  • Comes with lower levels of caffeine, which can cause people to drink more coffee in order for it to have the same level of effect as beans would give you.

  • Drop in quality and flavor intensity.

  • Lack of freshness. Grounded coffee has been roasted and ground, which means that the flavor isn’t as strong as when you would get it from beans.

This is why many times, coffee lovers will prefer buying beans instead of grounded coffee because they are able to get the best of both worlds.

Which Coffee Type Can Help You Enjoy A Fresh Cup Of Coffee?

What is it that one craves when they are eating or drinking something? The flavor? The freshness? The whole experience. Well, when you compare grounded coffee with coffee beans then the coffee beans are the clear winner.

Coffee beans can help you enjoy a fresh and flavorful cup of coffee. This is because the beans aren’t ground and roasted, which means that they will give you a whole new experience every time you drink it. Beans also offer greater variety when compared to grounded coffee so this allows one to experiment with different flavors until they find what suits them best.

On the other hand, pre-grounded coffee is known to be stale and it offers less caffeine than when you would drink it from the bean which can be a problem for people who are looking to stay up late for work. The flavor is also not as intense and some might say that it’s just a watered down version of what coffee should taste like. If you are looking for a fresh cup of coffee, then we suggest buying World Treasures specialty coffee beans

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