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Mokkita Masterpiece

Coffee is a masterpiece, crafted from the soil to the cup. This elaborate process is laced with intentionality and artistry, tradition and science, knowledge and passion. I must confess that when I first started becoming a fan of coffee, all I cared about was to watch a barista prepare my well awaited cup. I had no idea what really made coffee good, much less great.

The first time I watched Jose David Garrido prepare a cupping experience, I thought I was watching a scientist carefully performing a chemical experiment. As he explained the process and shared valuable pieces of information, I realized how important every stage of the process to produce a cup of coffee really is.

To evaluate, classify and rank coffee, each step has to be taken into account. Today, the fairest way to appraise this is by submitting coffee through Q Grading. This globally accepted system rates coffee aroma, flavor, aftertaste, acidity, body, balance, sweetness, and even defects. This appraisal is what gives coffee its value.

Specialty coffee Q grading scores are between 80 to 100. World Treasures’ Premium Coffee Collection has a Q grade above 90. Today, I invite you to replicate the experience that made me curious about Q grading by tasting Mama Cata Estate’s Mokkita with a Q Grade of 91 rated by 17 international world cuppers. Once you try this magnificent cup, let me know what you think.

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