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One Thing you Need to Know About Panamanian Specialty Coffee

Panama is widely known by coffee connoisseurs for growing and distributing limited, high quality unique coffee across the globe. According to USDA, more than 80% of the coffee grown in Panama is Arabica, while the remaining 20% is Robusta. While you probably already heard about the top-ranking Arabica, Geisha, this isn't the only variety of coffee that is grown in Panama. In fact, you can find a wide number of high-quality varieties that include: Catuai, Caturra, Typica, Maragogype, Pacamara, Bourbon, and Mundo Novo, among many others.

Panama’s Specialty Coffee is getting so much attention due to its unique characteristics. After all, this type of coffee delivers floral, fruity, and more funky notes, rather than the dark flavours of more traditional roasted coffees.

A traditional coffee-producing country, Panama specialty coffee continues to grow in popularity, especially in Asian countries like ours. It is not uncommon for you to have already received Panamanian coffee as a special gift from one of your co-workers, or you may have given this exquisite coffee as a gift to one of the special people in your life. Imagine drinking a delicious expresso with your guests? It would be a great way to celebrate that special occasion with a fine cup like this.

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