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Panamanian Geisha: The World's most exquisite coffee breaks record sales once more

One hundred pounds of Panamanian Geisha sold at $2,568.00 per pound setting a record at Best of Panama auction. This 25th annual event introduced the world of coffee to gems representing 169 lots. The 2021 winner, Nuguo Estate's Geisha Nautral, received a 94.5 Q grading score. Assessed by 36 international and national judges, Nuguo sold to Saza Coffee from Japan for US$256,800.00.

Panamanian Specialty Coffee's global recognition isn't limited to record sales. Scientific studies acknowledge the unique contribution of the unique terroir and climate. But it’s the passionate commitment to innovation that position these passionate coffee growers. As a result, over 500 samples representing the region's estates scored high Q-grading scores. This year's auction validates the innovative methods growers have introduced to quality production. Being today, the most sought-after coffee in Asian Markets.

Today World Treasures mission is to share with you Panamanian Specialty coffee gems. Making it convenient and easy, you can share this flavorful experience right at your door. World Treasures has taken some of Best of Panama award-winning estates and are now available with only one click. Delight yourself with this unique experience, tasting Panamanian Specialty Coffee today.

Sources: Best of Panama Online Auction and World Treasures

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