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The Best of Panama Auction and its 25 Years of Excellence

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

In its 25th edition, once again, the annual Best of Panama competition is where the best 40 batches of specialty coffee beans produced in Panama are evaluated by 17 national judges and 19 international judges in 4 categories: washed process varietals, natural process varietals, washed process geisha, and natural process geisha. Being the Nuguo Fermented coffee, owned by Café Gallardo who received the highest accolade with a score of 94.75 points with its natural process geisha. Year after year in the top 10 we find 2 Estates that maintain their quality and excellence by producing coffee with unique flavors and aromas of their region. Ratibor Hartmann achieved second place in the natural geisha category with 93.25 points and on the other hand providing unparalleled beans, Mama Cata Estate is obtaining the first place in natural process varietal with its Mokkita and a score of 91.00, these 2 Estates offer you a whole coffee experience just one click away through where you will find a range of the best Panamanian Specialty Coffees. What can we expect from the Best of Panama? That level of demand, daily perseverance, and passion for specialty coffee has characterized this competition during these 25 years. This Estate owners are innovative and hard workers. Today they are recognized for being part of the most awarded Specialty Coffee. Be it known, as coffee lovers, we are confident that you can expect 5-star service and quality delivered by World Treasure, from the Estate to your cup.

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