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The legacy of Oscarcito: The language of coffee transcends four generations

Decades ago, an international photographer explored the then unchartered Boquete trails. During his journey, he captured images that tell the tails of this fascinating region and its people. One of these historic images was captured when he saw a man walking at a distance, with a firm step and great strength. He snapped a shot of Oscar Laws.

Oscar is the founder of Oscarcito Estate. His father moved to Panama during the construction of the Panama Canal and rapidly set the foundations for establishing the well-known Oscarcito Estate located in Alto Jaramillo. Oscar earned the respect of coffee growers for his discipline, dedication, and passion for nature. These values and work ethic became pillars of the legacy Oscar left behind.

Today, his nephew Norberto, acknowledges the sacrifices and hard work Oscar handed down to his generation. After four generations of sacrifice, Oscarcito Estate today produces some of the most valued varieties of Panamanian Specialty Coffee by preserving coffee growing traditions, but also incorporating the latest technology and scientific processes to improve the quality of the coffee produced. Don’t miss the opportunity to taste Oscarcito Estate’s Typica, part of World Treasure’s Specialty Classics Collection.

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