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Women Owned: Closing the Gender Gap in the Coffee Industry

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Starting a business poses challenges for anyone bravely venturing out to follow their heart. It is common knowledge that those challenges are even greater when it comes to a male-driven agricultural industry. This is partially why we were surprised to find women-owned estates when looking for some of the best specialty coffee in Panama.

One of these amazing women and entrepreneur is Nadeia. We were impressed by her passion for coffee and her desire to seize opportunities to position Panamanian specialty coffee in international markets. Our World Treasure partners immediately resonated with this heart-felt desire, because half of our team is made up of successful business women who are equally passionate about coffee.

The Suarez family has managed to remain among the most prominent specialty coffee growers. Nadeia, fourth generation Suarez, has taken on the family legacy and led state to achieve international recognition for the quality of their coffee. One of the few certified Women Owned Estates, Nadeia confidently encourages other women to follow suit becoming entrepreneurs regardless of gender barriers in whichever industry they’re involved.

When we see a group of women having a cup of coffee together, their conversation isn’t limited to their home life. They share big dreams and talk about great milestones they’ve achieved in their professional journeys. Nadeia is one of them, encouraging women to start living their dreams today. "If you have the inner desire to do an undertaking, do it and take advantage of the opportunities that are presented to you because the worst thing is not to try”. Inspiring words that would go well with a fresh cup of Typica from Hortigal Estate. Buy it today, and plan your next move towards making your dreams a reality!

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