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The day I fell in love with Panamanian coffee

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

Coffee has this gift of transporting me to unknown places. Each morning, coffee has the ability to make me forget about the monotony of my daily life and bring to life all of my senses. With my coffee, I’ve traveled the world. I’ve tasted Arabic, Colombian, Caribbean, and every other bean on the market. It wasn’t until trying World Treasures’ Specialty coffee that I discovered what it is for you to truly indulge in the experience.

World Treasures transformed my kitchen into the best of coffee shops. The floral aroma swirled through the air, a ribbon of silk made of jasmine and lavender caressed my nose and filled it. The aroma carried me to the cup where I placed my eyes onto it. No other coffee has captivated my attention before the way this one did. I’ve had coffee a million times before, so why was this cup any different? I picked it up, hesitating before placing my lips and taking a sip. That’s when it happened. A sensory explosion. My taste buds were excited! Each one is coated with a delicate body of lemon verbena. I yearn to relive it. Pure bliss.

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